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String Figures
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String Figures
Part No: B001

String Figures describes
the principal examples of
funiculology (the art of
making string figures)
found throughout the
world. Illustrated by 61
line drawings, it also
provides instructions for
making them, and covers
the historic, aesthetic,
technical, and psychic
dimensions. The origin
and world distribution of
string figures are also
discussed, as are the
mythology, religious
beliefs, taboos, and
legends associated with
them. Dr. Abrahamís
chapter on the lore of
string figures includes a
consideration of
prediction, divination,
chants, and the sexual
dimension, as well as a
consideration of string
figures as a
consideration of sting
figures as a surviving
archaic language. To
date, this is the most
important work on the
science of funiculology
to have been published.