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Exciting Christian String Figures (DVD)
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Exciting Christian String Figures (DVD)
Part No: DVD7

by David Titus. Produced
through String
Ministries. 2009. 42
minutes. (String

This video is designed to
use with children and
youth groups or
individuals going on
mission trips. The
directions are given
right along with the
messages and the 8th
graders from St. Charles
Borromeo Catholic School
in Oklahoma City help
Dave make them with you.
Things are shown at least
twice and you can replay
for more help.

Some of the figures
include the Creation
story with a Star, Sun,
Crocodile, Flea and Man.
It also includes the Holy
Spirit, Heart Beat, Drum
and others.

Check back often for more
supplies for string
games, string figures and
string fun.